Nick Deeter
Founder and CEO

Mary Wetzel
President and COO

Kevin Blue
Chief Revenue Officer

Dawn Nielsen
Chief Financial Officer

Bob von Seggern
Executive Vice President

Reese Myers
VP of Product Development

Bob Wertz
Global VP of Spine and Sports Medicine

Skip Roofner
Eastern Area VP

Rob Seewald
Corporate Chaplain

Toney Owsley
VP of Supply Chain & Quality

Mary Wentorf
VP of Quality Assurance
& Regulatory Affairs

Troy Walters
VP of Engineering, Spine
and Sports Medicine

Kim Ridings
Director of HR
& Customer Service

Kaitlyn Hughes
Director of Marketing & Communications

Trey Proper
Design Engineer

Isaac Sellers
Quality Engineering Technician

Yuzhu Liu
Sterile Packaging Engineer

Aaron Runk
Product Development

Blase McKinney
CAD Designer

Sarah Wells
Quality Engineer

Kaila Shoemaker
Executive Administrative Assistant

Vickie Wolf
Operations Manager
Global Sales